Cure Thalassemia free advice on BMT:100 emails from 16 countries from all continents

Since June 2011, Dr. Pietro Sodani (Cure Thalassemia co-founder and scientific coordinator,who has done more than 400 BMTs with Prof. Lucarelli,the inventor of BMT for thalassemia) gives his free professional advice via email to tell patients if they can have a Bone Marrow Transplantation(BMT) to become thalassemia free,and what the results might be.

Since then he has replied to 100 patients,parents and doctors from 16 countries in all continents:
Australia,Bangladesh,Bulgaria,Cyprus,Egypt,India,Iraq,Ireland,Italy,Kenya,Pakistan,Spain,Sri Lanka,UEA,UK and USA.

We are proud of what he is doing and he will keep answering questions in the next months.

3 comments to Cure Thalassemia free advice on BMT:100 emails from 16 countries from all continents

  • aziz

    hi my son haroon is suffering from beta thalessemia his Hla clss 1 typing is A2,A26(10),B51(5),B50(21),BW4,BW6.I have a daughter(thalessemia trait only) whose HLA is A24(9),A33(19),B51(5),-,BW4,BW6.I have another son shayan(thalessemia trait only)his HLA is A33,A66,B27,B51,CW2,-.i have also store the umblical cord of shayan.please help me out whether bone marrow transplant is the recommended option or stem cell cell transplant?which option is possible.waiting anxiously for ur reply.may God bless u

  • Eugenio La Mesa


    you’ve also contacted us via email,and I’ve forwarded your question to Dr. Pietro Sodani,who will reply to you. Please check your email.

    Best Regards,
    Eugenio La Mesa

  • Eugenio La Mesa

    To ask questions to Dr. Pietro Sodani,please do not add comments in this blog,but use the following form:

    Thanks for your collaboration.

    Eugenio La Mesa