MoU with Narayana Hrudayalaya/MSCC on BMT for thalassemia,research and lower the cost

Narayana Hrudayalaya (NH) is a 6,000 bedded prominent Indian Hospital chain,the world’s largest heart hospital for children.  The Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre (MSCC),inside the Narayana Hrudayalaya Multispeciality Hospital in Bangalore,with 1,400 beds is one of biggest cancer center in the world,and has a 14 bed BMT unit.

Cure Thalassemia-Narayana Hrudayalaya/Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre

An agreement between NH and Cure Thalassemia(CT) has been signed;CT can use the BMT units of NH and MSCC for its patients who want to do a Bone Marrow Trasplantation(BMT),under the daily supervision of Dr. Pietro Sodani (CT co-founder and scientific coordinator),and with the scientific advice of Prof. Lucarelli, the worldwide authority in the field of BMT for thalassemia.

NH can also use the scientific advice of Dr. Sodani and Prof. Lucarelli for its thalassemia patients,but without a daily supervision.

Furthemore CT,NH and MSCC will work together to

  • significantly reduce the cost of the BMT
  • do research in the field of BMT both for matched donor and haploidentical BMT

A joint co-ordination committee,whose chairman is Dr. Devi Shetty (NH and MSCC Founder and Chairman),consisting of executive of both the institutions has been formed which will oversee the overall functioning of the BMT Unit.

You can read more on our site.

Thanks to all the people who made this agreement possibile,we are firmly convinced that the joint staff of Cure Thalassemia,Narayana Hrudayalaya and the Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre can do great things for the thalassemia patients worldwide.

24 comments to MoU with Narayana Hrudayalaya/MSCC on BMT for thalassemia,research and lower the cost

  • ashok babbar

    my child is thallasemia my three children one boy two girl boy is thallasemia pour the cost of opration 12 lakh plese help me opration my children

  • Eugenio La Mesa

    We know that cost of a BMT is high for most patients,and we are working to significantly reduce it.

    We would like to help all the thalassemia patients of the world,but unfortunately we don’t have the money to do it,we are not a charity but a social business.


  • maslinah maral

    i have a baby with thalassemia major. My baby just 6 month. how much the cost for the operation in ringgit malaysia. tQ.

  • Kuldeep Bhageria

    My Baby is suffering from Major thalassemia,She is 15 month old,is it possible to do BMT for major thalassemia.

  • Sreedhar Bhukya

    My son born with Thalassemia major,please suggest best BMT hospitals in India,or us

  • samir

    Dear Sir

    my son (six rears) born with thalasmia trait. please suggest how i can give him best treatment and become a normal chiled.if it possible to remove completly please advice.


  • Dr Jayant Ahirrao

    Humble REQUEST to SAVE LIFE of a 9 year old Child (who is only son of his VERY POOR Parents) namely HARSHAL PATIL/KACCHVA from Varkhede(Budruk),Tal-Chalisgaon,Dist-Jalgaon,Maharashtra,INDIA –suffering from ‘BETA THALASSEMIA MAJOR’since Birth (Not at all his mistake) &now at last suggested ‘BONE MARROW TRANSPLANTATION’from HLA Matched Sister by Dr Niranjan Rathod in Mumbai in August 2012 after which he may be further admitted for @ 45 Days with Approx Expense of Rs 15Lacs ONLY if his PARENTS can MANAGE the MONEY –without which he may LOOSE HIS LIFE –We Urge all our KIND HEARTED Friends to Co-operate his Parents FINANCIALLY as they are Farm-Workers &merely earn @ Rs.30-35 Thousand YEARLY together to have Food &fulfill only the Very Essential needs of their family. We all TOGETHER can SAVE his LIFE…!!

    • Eugenio La Mesa

      You’ve also contacted us through the form of our site,we will reply to you privately.

  • Lokesh

    my son is 8 months old ,suffering from thalassemia major i want to go with BMT minimum how much it will cost for us .

  • pravin meshram

    my relative injured thalassemia,i need to proper treatment and tell me treatment cast.

  • Yandhi Kusliyana

    I have a son with thalassemia major. She is 10 years old,she have two sisters,is it possible to do BMT ?
    Approximately how much the overall cost to process this BMT ?
    Is there any foundation that could help finance this BMT ?
    Thanks for the response.

  • Jeni

    My son 1 year old he suffer with Thalassemia minor ,please suggest best treatment in India for us

  • I know few more poor patients in Delhi where they require pumps. If any body wants to associate for charity

  • rahul bachchan

    dear sir /mam
    i child is 3 years old she is suffering from thalassemia

    plz send the treatment policy of my child it will be great kind for me if
    you tell me the treatment policy of my child
    thanks &regards
    rahul bachchan
    ranchi india

    • Eugenio La Mesa

      You’ve also contacted us through the form of our site,we will reply to you privately.

  • Eugenio La Mesa

    To ask questions to Dr. Pietro Sodani,please do not add comments in this blog,but use the following form:

    Thanks for your collaboration.

    Eugenio La Mesa