BMT Thalassemia

The main cure available today for Thalassemia is Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT)  from compatible donor (a matching sibling or a matched unrelated donor from a bank),invented in the 1980’s by Prof. Guido Lucarelli or BMT from haploidentical mother to child using protocol 30 invented by Dr. Pietro Sodani.

Prof. Lucarelli and his team have done more than 1,500 BMTs for thalassemia (about 50% of all the BMTs done in the world) in the last 30 years,and are the worldwide authorities in this field.

In low risk young children with a compatible donor,the thalassemia free survival rate is 89%,with no more need of blood transfusions;the mortality risk is 3%.
The child has to stay in the hospital for about 35 days,and he has to come back every week for 3-6 months. In Asia the cost of a BMT is about $25-30,000,in western countries it is up to 6 times higher.

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Ask the free advice of Dr. Pietro Sodani (Cure Thalassemia scientific coordinator) to see if you can have BMT,and what the results might be.

The most recent results are in this scientific paper published on August 2010:
NY Academy of science:Progress in hematopoietic stem cell transplantationas allogeneic cellular gene therapy in thalassemia