HLA Typing

The blood test Human leukocyte antigen(HLA) typing is needed to know if a potential donor is a compatible match for the BMT with the thalassemia children;it has to be done for all the family members (brothers,sisters,mother and father).

The HLA “match” is the number of HLA molecules that any two individuals have in common;when they have exactly the same HLA molecules,they are defined as “match” or “compatible”.

Since there are different types of HLA typing,Dr. Pietro Sodani suggests to do a high resolution HLA typing with the following locus:A,B,C,DR,DQB1.

If for any reason you can’t do a high resolution HLA,you can start with the low resolution HLA.

Anyway the high resolution HLA is then needed if you want to search an unrelated matched donor in a bone marrow donor bank,in case there isn’t a matching sibling in the family.