BMT Testimonials

“Dr Pietro and Eugenio are God-sent for parents like us who were thrown off-track from the moment their child was diagnosed with Thalassemia Major…who were hitting from pillar to post determined to free their child from this life long pain and suffering…whose light of hope was diminishing with no HLA match found –related or unrelated…who had started thinking,as a last resort,of going for another child with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis only to have a matched sibling to cure their thalassemic child…

We’re deeply touched by the passion Dr Pietro and Eugenio have to “cure”our children of thalassemia,how much they’re going out of the way to provide prompt support …is so very humbling!!

Every child deserves to lead a normal healthy playful life …our hearts are filled with gratitude for Dr Pietro and Eugenio to help our child get this “chance”…
Our 4 years old child underwent BMT from haplo-mother as per protocol 30 invented by Dr Pietro on 2nd of July,2014 …her body is now making it’s own blood and she is now on her path to immune recovery 🙂 It was not at all easy…but it was very much worth it!!


May every thalassemic child be cured…
Children are so amazing,they amaze us with their ability to smile and play even in the most difficult of situations and God sends them angels like you to pick them up and make them fly…

Proud Parents,
Seema and Ashish“*

* DISCLAIMER:The results are not guaranteed. BMT has always a mortality risk from 3% to 10%,depending on the type of donor and the age of the child.

If you are thinking to do a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) for your child to become thalassemia free (no more transfusions),you probably have doubts and questions you’d like to ask.

Our testimonial program can help you;we can put you in touch with a patient (and his family) who already did a BMT for thalassemia.

Benefits for children and family members
If you are a family member or a child,you can talk to someone who

  • understands how you feel
  • can give you non-medical information and emotional support
  • learn how life is after a BMT

How to contact a BMT testimonial
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