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With Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) your child can become beta thalassemia major free (no more transfusions).
* DISCLAIMER:The results are not guaranteed. BMT has always a mortality risk from 3% to 10%,depending on the type of donor and the age of the child.

Each child is different and has his own health conditions.

“Dr. Pietro Sodani is God-sent for parents like us who were thrown off-track from the moment their child was diagnosed with Thalassemia Major…
who were hitting from pillar to post determined to free their child from this life long pain ..
We’re deeply touched by the passion he has to cure our children of thalassemia,how much he is going out of the way to provide prompt support …is so very humbling!!
Our hearts are filled with gratitude for Dr. Pietro to help our child get this “chance”…


May every thalassemic child be cured…
Proud Parents, Seema and Ashish”.* Read the entire testimonial.

Dr. Pietro Sodani (co-founder and scientific coordinator. Hematologist, BMT expert and inventor of BMT from haploidentical mother to child with thalassemia using protocol 30,who has done in the last 15 years more than 400 BMT in thalassemia with Prof. Lucarelli,the inventor of BMT from matching sibling and the worldwide authority) gives you via email his free professional advice to tell how your child can have a BMT to be thalassemia free,and what the results might be.

Get his free advice for your child,now!

He has already helped more than 4,500 children and their families from 70 countries.

Contact us asking for the free advice,and Dr. Pietro Sodani will take care of you and your child.