BMT at Charité

Your child can receive a BMT for thalassemia from a haploidentical mother using protocol 30 under the guidance of Dr. Pietro Sodani,a constant collaborator at the Charitè Hospital in Berlin,Germany.

Pediatric BMT is performed at the Charitè by the team of German doctors using the same protocol 30 developed and used by Dr. Sodani in Italy,and with the same technology and drugs.

At least 6-8 months is required for BMT,which includes the pre-transplant phase and transplantation in the hospital and follow-up after the child is discharged.

During the entire time required for BMT,the regular and constant collaboration with Dr. Sodani occurs at least weekly,with the possibility of more frequent consultations (even several times during the same day) via email and/or telephone with the team of German doctors of the BMT unit when needed. Dr. Sodani visits the Charitè for 2-3 days every month for the purpose of:

  • updates on new advances in the field
  • discussion of the strategy to handle possible complications of the child receiving the BMT
  • sharing expertise and best practices

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