Thalassemia mobile apps (iPhone,Android)

A directory of all the mobile apps,iPhone/iPad Apple Store(iOS/iTunes) and Android(Google Play),useful for beta ‪‎thalassemia‬ major patients to simplify the daily management of thalassemia care.

Anemia Diagnosis
To understand initial diagnosis based on parameters like hemoglobin count,Ferritin,RBC count,mean corpuscular volume.

It reinforces the compliance with the chelation treatment in two ways:1) it reduces the number of omitted medication doses through dose reminders,2) it enables monitoring of the medication and the progress of the chelation therapy.

Iron tracker
It gives graphical tools to deepen understanding of hemochromatosis treatment,where treatment and progress can be monitored,combining appointment scheduling with tracking of hemoglobin and ferritin.

To spread awareness,information and prevention. To help Thals keep track record of their tests.
Android and iPhone

For thalassemia patients to read their medical reports,ask questions to doctors,social sharing with other patients and more.
Note:only available for patients who are managed by treatment centers who are using the entire Thalcare software.

Tracking tools to simplify daily management of Thalassemia care,curated content and private social network of peers dedicated to people living with thalassaemia worldwide.

Thal response to Hydroxyurea
To judge response to Hydroxyurea and Wheatgrass in Thalassaemia Patients

Yashoda Hematology Clinic
To help Doctors and patients with details on latest in the field. Informative videos,periodically updated.

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