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Lisa Cammilleri’s Thalassemia Patients and Friends(also known as is the biggest and most influential worldwide online community of thalassemia parents,patients and doctors,with more than 4,650 active members,49,000 posts and 5,110 topics.

The founder and administrator is Andy Battaglia,who is also one of our advisors;we have a partnership with Thalpal and we are the moderators of the Bone Marrow Transplant(BMT) section.

The forum is divided in discussion forums,each one with subtopics,with useful information about thalassemia major,intermedia and minor,including the main thalassemia-related Issues:hepatitis,cirrhosis,osteoporosis,diabetes,gallstones,heart Disease,HIV/AIDS,transfusion reactions,splenomegaly.
Iron chelation,bone marrow transplant,gene therapy,wheatgrass,hydroxyurea.
Diet,nutrition and supplements,psychological,social,emotional issues,etc.
Treatment centers,associations and doctors.

There is also a very useful Thalpal group on Facebook.

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